Friday, 22 November 2013

Effective Breakfast Ideas To Get Slim Body

Not eating in the morning is not a wise way to lose weight. Instead of slim, body even so limp because reduction of blood sugar in the morning. In order that can slim, try a fruit breakfast in the morning. Belly fat is the worst type of fat and lead to many problems. But the good news you can reduce belly fat by following below tips:

Breakfast Ideas To Get Slim :

Eat Breakfast Every Morning

Whenever you skip your breakfast, you send a message to your body caloric deprivation, which is in a state of fasting for several hours. Brain will direct the metabolism to slow down to save the calories your body's reserves. Eventually, this habit cause a temporary slowing of metabolism.

Slimming Food

There are so many foods that help in reducing belly fat like avocado, macadamias nuts, olive oil, sunflower seeds etc. So include these foods in your diet.

Do Not Go Below 1200 Cal./day

If your calorie intake is not sufficient to support the basal metabolism, which will be inevitably slow. Remember that weight loss diets often offer such a calorie cut. After a few weeks, you actually lost weight but you'll also inherited a slower metabolism and you should expect a return of pounds

Drink Plenty Of Water

The biochemical activity related to metabolism requires lots of water. If you are not drinking enough water, your metabolism will slow down.

Exercise Regularly

If you're sedentary and you decide to do 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, you are not only enjoying many benefits of exercise, also your metabolism will accelerate. By achieving that you will spend 50 to 75 and more calories per day, without even lifting a finger.

Eat Slowly

Eating in hast will only make you fat. Chew you food properly and don’t start walking or sleep, immediately after having your meal.

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