Friday, 29 November 2013

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally At Home

It is the wish of every person to have soft and pink lips that look beautiful; however, not everyone is blessed with such lips. Even if a person has pink lips they can become dark due to excessive smoking, chewing tobacco or other products that have nicotine in it or an excessive exposure to the sun. Taking care of the lips are the most imoportant factor of good looks of any person. Start caring to get natural soft & smooth pink lips now with these amazing ways.

Tips To Get Pink Lips Naturally At Home :

Beetroot Juice

Beet root juice is also very useful in getting pink lips wherein you apply the juice on your lips everyday. Similarly, the juice got from coriander leaves can also be applied if you want to know how to make lips pinker. You could also apply butter to your lips every night before going to bed.

Rose Petals

Rose which is the most famous flower which is usually used to give boy friends and girl friends can also make your lips pink glowing and smooth. How? you just have to crush some rose petals and have to mix it with cream or lip balm. After mixing it you have to apply it over your lips. This mixture will you to get most smooth lips.

Massage The Lips

Massaging your lips every day is a very good habit that helps in lighten dark lips, in a short span of time. Make a lip balm out of almond oil and lemon juice, and massage your lips with that every night for a few minutes before going to bed.


Honey is an excellent remedy for skin problems. Honey helps moisturize dry and cracked skin and nourishes the skin cells. Simply rub a layer of honey over your lips before sleeping and wake up to brighter, softer lips.


The natural ghee not only brings taste to your food, but will also help you make your lips smooth, pink and full. Rub a little warm ghee on your lips, 2-3 times daily. If you’re suffering from chapped lips, then this recipe is surely for you. Ghee is very good for weather-stricken chapped, dry lips.

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